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A little bit about...

Phyllis Foundis

This is her abridged bio written in the third person, just for you. A writer, producer, multi-award-winning TV host and TEDx speaker, Phyllis’ has spent the last few decades travelling, collecting stories, meeting extraordinary people and generally juggling the joyful demands of creating art and raising two incredible sons – the loves of her life.

While performing in her one-woman show at the Edinburgh Festival and London’s Theatre Royal, Phyllis faked orgasms that were dubbed, ‘better than Meg Ryan’s’ (a journalist’s words, not hers). She’s written two books, The Virgin Club – a semi-autobiographical story about life as a 20-something Greek virgin and The Joy of Sags – sexual adventures from the pre-menopausal frontline. There’s no running theme here. You’re imagining things.

In 2011, the passing of Phyllis’ beloved father, Dino Foundis, catapaulted her life and art into a chapter that continues to pay homage to the gifts Dino had in spades – the courage to leap and the ability to connect with anyone, anytime about anything.

Phyllis is openly turned on by life’s magic, awakened people, unconditional hugs and organic dark chocolate – not necessarily in that order, but absolutely all at once.

The Show

Whether it was by wild coincidence – if you believe in random stuff – or divine design, I have had the great honour and thrill to interview a kaleidoscope of astonishing people on our show – and you’re about to get a little bit intimate with them… 

But, just so you know, our conversations aren’t based on showy gimmicks or gags. It’s just honest talk about love, music, purpose, art and generally that beautiful mess more commonly referred to as Life. 
I hope you enjoy every moment as much as I did when I was in the moment.
P. x