Word of Mouth

Van Hunt with Phyllis Foundis

The man, the musician, the mercury.

So here’s what I love about the genesis of my interviews… they are totally and utterly unpredictable in terms of who, when and why I will attract certain human beings to my luscious L. The
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Phyllis Foundis and David Duffy chat on the Lip Lounge

Coming face to face with a flaneur.

When David Duffy first walked onto our set, my crew immediately nicknamed him, Yoda. Personally, the resemblance I could not see. David is not diminutive in stature. Instead of a green pallor, his cheeks are
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Phyllis Foundis and Paul Mercurio chat on the Lip Lounge

Strictly speaking, a random tweet isn’t how a friendship with Paul Mercurio should start…

The year was 2015 and I was in Melbourne for the annual Screen Producers of Australia (SPA) conference. The event was a little bit thrilling since it capped off what had been a dream couple
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Phyllis Foundis and Anne-Marie Cavaco chat on the Lip Lounge

A chance carpark meeting inspired by fresh produce and cheesy grins.

The first time I met Anne-Marie, she’d been sitting in her car outside a supermarket late one night, watching me as I sat in my car. Creepy right? On the surface, sure. But, let’s add
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Phyllis Foundis with Magician Jack Daniels

The gentle art of legerdemain.

When it comes to wonder and believing in a thousand things you can’t explain, there’s nothing quite like ‘up close magic.’ Which is why when the opportunity to meet and interview a real, live, honest-to-goodness,
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You can light up the world. All you need are the flaps to do it. 

What I love the most about my show is how boundaries and preconceptions are detonated with every conversation I have. The impossibly beautiful, Sarah Jane Kelly is a case in point.  She glides onto the
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