Lightning fast blog. Didn’t give it much thought – just heart.

Divine intelligence has a lovely habit of putting the right people in your path at the right time. And this is how I met Cheryl Craig. Actually – it was less of a meeting and more of a discovery.

Picture this… it was three days before our next L shoot.

My crew was booked. Studio confirmed. Make up artist locked in. Hair and wardrobe organised. And when I say organised I mean, getting my anti-frizz shampoo ready and trawling through the sequinned section of my wardrobe (yes I have a section, no shame in my shine!).

But I digress.

So. I’m at my laptop. Last minute to-dos getting ticked off – when I can ignore the rabbit-hole of social media. And then I get an email from my one of my guest’s agents.

Sorry, but she has an acting gig out of town. Can’t make your show. Um. Now, what?

It’s ok. This is what guerrilla content producing is all about. The ‘glamour’ behind the scenes, relentless. Last minute hiccups, the norm. Within ten minutes I find our Cheryl on a talent website. She’s a gorgeous African American woman who just happens to sing with the Cafe of the Gate of Salvation choir. Jackpot. But will she say, yes? Just leap, Foundis. So I send her a message. One hour later we’re talking on the phone like we haven’t caught up in 100 years.

The episode you see with Cheryl is the first time we met in person. The chemistry was instant. The connection, natural. And there are so many platitudes I could write here about alignment and when a moment is destined blah, blah, blah… but I won’t because none of what I attempt to express will do my meeting with this gifted, heartful lady justice.

Suffice to say (who uses suffice anymore? Me – when I’m rushing to finish this blog for you!)…

All I will say is that, I’m so grateful Cheryl said yes when some random woman reached out to her out of the blue one day with the words…

“Will you tell your story on my show?”



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