The man, the musician, the mercury.

So here’s what I love about the genesis of my interviews… they are totally and utterly unpredictable in terms of who, when and why I will attract certain human beings to my luscious L.

The time was mid-2018, a turbulent year for me emotionally and yet, the stars were aligning even if they did appear to be outta my reach. Still, I’ve learnt that, sometimes that’s where they need to be for magic to happen. Sounds weird? It gets weirder in a really wonderful way. So… back to mid-2018.

Van Hunt had come onto my radar.

I’d heard a few of his tracks, fell in love with Precious, flirted with Down Here in Hell with You, funked out to Hot Stage Lights. In other words, it was game on for the Hunt. So, one evening on an impulse, I sent an email to Van’s website, it was his customer service address if I’m not mistaken. And I basically wrote in one of those ‘contact us’ forms,

Hello Mr Hunt! When are you coming to Australia? I think it’s time you brought your unique flavour of noir soul to our beautiful shores. And I’ll interview you for my YouTube channel when you get here. 😊
Best Wishes, Phyllis 
aka Daredevil Baby

Yep, the cringetastic factor of the Daredevil Baby sign-off isn’t lost on me, but, I was feeling kinda daredevilly sending a wildly unsolicited invitation to a stranger – “…listen, V to tha H, you don’t know me from a bar of proverbial, but when you’re next in my town, just shun the usual media blah-blahs and buzz me.” Understand dearest reader, my spontaneous call-out was way, way before L was born… in fact her ruby cashmere form was barely lint in my eye… But as someone wise once told me, if ya don’t ask, ya don’t get.

A day later, on my birthday to be exact, someone from the Van Hunt Customer Service replied to my email.

Hi Phyllis. Australia is calling us? Well, we’re going to be answering soon.
Take care, and thanks for writing.

There was no sign-off. No name. A few more brief emails pinged back and forth from the same anonymous Customer Service representative. There was even one message where the person complimented me on my TEDx talk. Hm. Surely, this couldn’t be the V?* Could it? Didn’t he have minions? Dude’s won a Grammy. Minions are like a gift with purchase, right? Apologies to all the minions doing great selfless work – bopping to Pharrell’s Happy. But I digress. Basically, I was never really sure who I was communicating with. Then, hello 2019 and I receive another email from Van Hunt Customer Service. And the same mystery person writes,

Hi Phyllis. It is finally happening. Melbourne will be first… shows in Sydney and Brisbane to follow. Hope to see you. 

A few months later, I blinked and Van Hunt was walking onto my very cold – but warm-hearted – set at Fox Studios, Sydney. Actually scratch that. It was more of a glide, and yes, cool in that unaffected “if-I-wanna-wear-a-large-mustard-coloured-shawl-I-will-ok?”

A lot of unforgettable little moments punctuated that day for me… from watching Van sing along to Prince’s, She’s Always in My Hair to having a front row seat to an acoustic guitar performance of Precious as the requisite smoke machine did its swirly smokey thing… but, they’re not the moments that stayed with me the most.

What will blaze bright in my memories forever more were the few minutes my then 13 year old son, Dean chatted animatedly with Van about the Universe, constellations and a little bit of quantum physics.

Yes, the stars had aligned.

*So was it he? Well, all I’ll say is that, sometimes, even mercury can be pinned down.


Dean chatting with Van Hunt about the Universe, constellations and a little bit of quantum physics



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