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A Little Bit of Lip | #LisForLarge

Introducing Cheryl Craig

Cheryl Craig is a Detroit-born gospel singer and Assistant Musical Director with the Cafe of Salvation. Describing her as larger than life in both spirit and song doesn’t do her justice.

“…everybody has this picture of me going to church at three years old and singing in the church. That is not my story. People look at me and perceive a stereotype especially if I sing. So I’m falling right into it! I moved to Australia in my 20s and I found a life, I found my voice. Literally. I didn’t sing one bit in the US. I was very suppressed. I knew I was going somewhere outside of Detroit. I didn’t realise it was going to be on the other side of the world. But I’ve found people who don’t care about the colour of my skin or don’t care how large or how small I am. They just accept me for me and that’s a rare thing.”

Cheryl Craig


Phyllis Foundis

Executive Producer / Host

Phyllis Foundis


Marcus Stimson
Lizz Vernon


Dennis Takudzwa Chombe
aka DaManAce8

Make Up

Chelsea Garland

Executive Assistant

Tim Worton

There’s more Lip coming. Know when.


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