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A Little Bit of Lip | #LisForLightness

Introducing Anne-Marie Cavaco

Don’t let Anne-Marie’s pixie haircut and petite features fool you. There is fire, sass but also great paradox in this beauty. She sings Lin Manuel Miranda’s melodies, yes. She acts in Aussie feature films, yes. But does performance define her? No. With a passion for the arts that’s uncoventional and a quiet patience that defies every starlet’s Broadway hunger, Anne-Marie brings a, ‘lightness of being’ to loss, love and yes, even that haircut.

“I feel like my pool is bigger than just wanting to perform, which I want to, thats the essence of me, but life is so short. And we dont know how long were going to have so I just revel in everything. I have to share my light in any way possible.”

Anne-Marie Cavaco


Phyllis Foundis

Executive Producer / Host

Phyllis Foundis

Camera / Editor

Layal Farhat


Eneida Raya


Vicki K

Make Up

Colin Wilson


Angela Arlow


Barbara Foundis

There’s more Lip coming. Know when.


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