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A Little Bit of Lip | #LisForLost

Introducing Paul Mercurio

Paul Mercurio describes himself as ‘mildly famous,’ with tongue firmly wedged in cheek. But in the early 90s, he starred in one of the most iconic Australian movies, Strictly Ballroom, and quickly shot to fame as did the film’s director, Mr #LisForLuhrmann. But was the dance of global acclaim all Paul imagined? In this revealing, funny and intimate conversation, Paul talks fame, family, Hollywood, spicy rubs and why being lost is the most liberating way to truly dance your own steps in life. 

“I see the idea of being lost as a challenge… and it’s nothing to fear. I’m still able to lead by example, I’m still able to find my positivity… It’s when you entrap yourself in another environment such as despair, fear, jealousy or rage that you get stuck. Being lost is a powerful place too because you are unencumbered, you’re free to discover, you’re not dragging your baggage with you. And even though I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m experiencing me in a real moment. And I’m free…”

Paul Mercurio


Phyllis Foundis

Executive Producer / Host

Phyllis Foundis


Marcus Stimson
Lizz Vernon


Karan Bawa


Dennis Chombe

Make Up

Mitchell Richardson


Andrea Francolini

There’s more Lip coming. Know when.


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