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A Little Bit of Lip | #LisForLargesse

Introducing David Duffy

Your life – and vocab – will never be the same again after this little unassuming chat. Get ready to meet a real, live flaneur in the flesh. His name is David Duffy. A man who has an old-world take on humanity that our 21st Century needs now more than ever before. Why? Because #LisForLargesse and when it comes to love, connection and just humanity in general, if you’re not making the time to see the miracles in your life, little and large, well, everything is just f%^# isn’t it? Another f-word without whispered the grace of flaneur. Ya feel me?

“Most people desperately want to reach something that they haven’t reached and their routine, the treadmill they’re on prevents them because they’re caught up by tiny trivialities which pull them hither and yon. People will always be an endless source of fascination to me… no matter how the spirit of the age changes, people remain the same, but there is a camouflage business going on… there’s a sort of power ethic, an unspoken idealogy which dumbs people down into fitting into a kind of mould. But only two things matter in life… the quality of your own consciousness and the quality of your relationship with other people. Everything else is just traffic…”

David Duffy


Phyllis Foundis

Executive Producer / Host

Phyllis Foundis


Marcus Stimson
Lizz Vernon


Karan Bawa


Dennis Chombe

Make Up

Mitchell Richardson


Andrea Francolini

There’s more Lip coming. Know when.


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