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A Little Bit of Lip | #LisForLogos

Introducing Van Hunt

Please don’t describe this prolific soul artist’s music as neo-anything. Well, if you must define this eclectic gentleman of soul as anything, try these ingredients… Take a dash of Bach, a pinch of Parliament Funkadelic, a little tiny splash of Otis, Marvin a sprinkling of Kool and the Gang (yes I said it) as well as a generous dollop of Mr Prince Rogers Nelson and then you have my 7th guest on A Little Bit of Lip, Mr Van Hunt. Oh and, his L word, #LisForLogos isn’t about anything loud, crass or in-your-face brand stuff – a bit like the dude himself. Enjoy the ride…

“I think I drive people crazier than they drive me because I don’t necessarily have a position… like, mercury, totally… that’s how I like to be. It’s a part of something that maybe happened in my childhood… it makes me want to be elusive but at the same time be there for people… I do enjoy not being pinned down… and yet I would love to be fully known… I try to provide understanding for others, they’ll always know they can be whoever they want to be with me… mercurial, hot and murderous and angelic and… precious.”

Van Hunt


Phyllis Foundis

Executive Producer / Host

Phyllis Foundis


Marcus Stimson
Lizz Vernon


Karan Bawa


Dennis Chombe 
Tim Worton

Make Up



Mariam Seddiq


Angela Arlow

There’s more Lip coming. Know when.


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